Give yourself the attention listening provides
Restore aspirations that build the quality of life you deserve
The Art in Listening was created to provide a context for hearing the inspirations which are most important for you to lead a meaningful life.
Anyone can benefit from taking a moment for themselves. Whether you are trying to balance a busy work schedule, exploring mindfulness or pursuing performative practices. The Art in Listening Approach is about aligning your aspirations with your everyday life.

I’m Nicholas and I founded The Art in Listening in 2015 - a practical approach to self-awakening incorporating indigenous and contemporary traditions of Art, Philosophy and Psychology.
The Art in Listening advocates that everything has value. We need to have confidence in how to give time to that value and not be running at the effect of it.

You wake up sometimes and you don’t feel so good. If you are attentive to that reality, you will in time learn from it. 


Learning to be compassionate to yourself, in a way that an artist can guide you to be generous. To give yourself the time you actually need, that is one of the key gifts of the Art in Listening.

Artistic Practices

We use artistic practices, shaping and structuring the different aspirations our soul's are drawn to.

This can be learning to play an instrument or learning how to be balanced in the body.


Fundamental to this is an attentiveness to your own body’s needs at all times.

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