Give yourself the attention listening provides.
Restore aspirations that build the quality of life you deserve.
The Art in Listening was created to provide an context for hearing the inspirations which are most important for you to lead a meaningful life.
Anyone can benefit from taking a moment for themselves. Whether you are trying to balance a busy working schedule, exploring mindfulness or pursuing performative practices. The Art in Listening Approach is about aligning your aspirations with your everyday life.

I’m Nicholas and I have been directing programmes of self-enquiry since the 1980's. I have taught and performed internationally, collaborating with leading facilitators, musicians, movement artists, poets and public speakers.
In 2015 I founded The Art in Listening: a practical approach to self-development which incorporates traditional and indigenous philosophies in a unified contemporary psychology.
The Art in listening is not providing a set of models to follow, rather we are encouraging each person to build for themselves the life that they want and are capable of living.
We encourage developing confidence and strength in giving yourself time. Learning to appreciate what you like. What is fundamentally enjoyable to you, and having the strength of character to stay with that recognition.
Our practices and tools

Sound, Stillness and Imagination serve as the core practices with which we cultivate the depth of our psyche, aligning our thinking with our being.

We amplify our enquiry through performance pieces, using the tools of our voices, body gesture and instruments such as strings and percussion.

The way to self-leadership

I feel it is about embodying the presence of who you are, essentially through the relationship of the spoken sound and silence.


The musicality is a means to animate in a non-verbal form which helps the individual or the personality to gain expanded, animated views of itself which are both liberating and fun, and from which it is possible to return to the material of ones personality and ones self.

There isn’t a set of steps to necessarily get right.

We are trying to lead ourselves back to self leading.

Our Value

In the Art in Listening, the value is in being able to dedicate yourself, but at the same time read from there back into your social self, back into the collective.

To not be intimidated by the uniqueness you perhaps feel at times about yourself, it is not a separating insight, it is an affirmation of a sense of arrival that you have understood and are able to sustain. 

Experience the Art in Listening Approach through our Programme or 1-1 Consultation
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