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Trailer for 'In the Bell's Shadow'

Nicholas Twilley performing with Henry Montes and

Joan Davis' movement company 'Maya Lila'. The film is the culmination of several years of their working together.


Our retreats offer immersion into the essential ideas and practices of the Art in Listening approach and how they relate to your personal and professional lives. 

Through Art, Philosophy and Psychology

Series of Courses 2017

Creativity Meeting Contemplation

Saturday 29th April

Pitchcombe Village Hall

The first part in our four course series on Creativity Meeting Contemplation. This course looks at how we can distinguish conditions for ethical communication.


When we improve the quality of dialogue in our relationships, we recognise where latent creativity can be made use of.

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Learning Structure

  The essential form within each session remains a circular dialogue, returning to the core disciplines of the spoken voice, the gestural body and the imaginal mind. Through the integration of these forms we nurture a listening practice.

Learning Benefits

  This work generates an ongoing internal dialogue, expanding the understanding of oneself.

  Through the process, you will achieve a greater sense of personal empowerment which informs the transformation of your particular skill development or self-enquiry.

Learning Leader

  The sessions are led by Nicholas Twilley who offers 30 years of educational and performative experience.


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Performance Gallery

Art Gallery



Delve into the horizon of consciousness to discover your self.

Skill Development

Nurture creativity to enhance your skill base.

Performance Art Development

Explore the artistic expression of your personality.



Learn to communicate from an empowered state.

The Art in Listening Day Course

This day will include breath work, listening, movement, meditation and a variety of approaches to engage your voice and your creativity, developing textures of personal presence.

Arrival 9am for 9.30am start; the course ends at 4pm.

£70 including lunch and refreshments.

Bookings through Hawkwood College
Sunday 28th January
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